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Our Diversity and Inclusion programs are designed to provide you with additional tools and knowledge that will assist you in managing a more diverse workforce, diverse marketplace and increasingly more competitive business environment. D&I is about your business!

If you choose not to make D&I a part of your business strategy, are you discounting the fact that your strategy is executed by people or is this where our Diversity of thought intersects? 

Diversity in 5-4-3-2-1...

We go deep into helping individuals understand Diversity and Inclusion from the standpoint that it includes everyone.  Our definition of Diversity is much broader than race and gender.  Therefore we can be more inclusive in our approach, understanding that we are much more than our race and gender.  We support participants in examining their perceptual screens and how their perceptions impact and influence their behavior as it relates to their relationship and/or views of others who might be perceived as different.


Some may call us "Old School" because we do things the old fashion way! 


We are not opposed to talking!  Yes, it's still a way to get things done.  And there are some topics that you simply need to talk about!  We believe that Diversity and Inclusion is one of those topics.  All of our classroom offerings are instructor-led along with technology as needed.  Our instructors are experts in their fields and provide superior service and support to our clients.  

Unconscious Bias in


Unconscious bias is the rapid and automatic mental associations that we make between people, ideas and objects and the attitudes and stereotypes that we hold about those people, ideas and objects.  These attitudes and stereotypes unconsciously affect our behavior and decisions.    

We explore bias at the core and support you in managing these filters to make better more informed decisions and to build stronger more inclusive relationships. 


This program is offered in a 4-hour classroom setting or as a keynote for up to 100 participants.

Generations in 5-4-3-2-1... currently in development.  In the meantime, we integrate "Generations" into both the Diversity and Unconscious Bias programs.

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